Research & Focus Groups

In the dynamic landscape of youth work, the active engagement of migrants stands as a pivotal yet often overlooked facet. The Comparative Index on Migrant Youth Work emerges as a beacon, illuminating the extent of migrant involvement in the youth work sector and scrutinizes the encouragement levels for participation, the focus on empowerment, and the actual support migrants receive within this sphere.

Acknowledging the diversity in forms of youth work and the multitude of settings in which they occur, a universal index applicable to all these activities remains an unattainable goal. However, the necessity to analyze, compare, and contribute to the sector’s development and assessment remains paramount. While a one-size-fits-all index might be unfeasible, the quest to understand, evaluate, and evolve the sector persists.

This index serves as a mirror reflecting the specific provisions and opportunities tailored for young migrants in the European Union. Investment in migrant youth participation is not just a preference; it is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of intercultural youth engagement and inclusivity. The index, thus, assumes a role of immense significance—it acts as a foundational reference point for youth workers, leaders, policymakers, and civil society. It sparks the essential conversation surrounding the indispensable role migrants play in youth work and underlines the critical need for solutions tailored to the unique needs of migrants. These discussions propel the endeavor to foster an inclusive, diverse, and equitable youth work sector.

The Comparative Index on Migrant Youth Work transcends mere statistics; it embodies a call to action. It prompts a shift in perspective and approach, emphasizing the significance of embracing and empowering migrant youth within the youth work framework. By acknowledging and catering to the needs of this demographic, the sector as a whole is enriched, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive space for all participants.

It is in our collective interest to heed this call, initiating conversations, implementing strategies, and amplifying the voices of migrant youth within the youth work spectrum. Only through concerted efforts can we truly unlock the potential of an inclusive and diverse youth work sector, where every voice is not just heard but embraced and empowered.

Each partner in this project engaged with young migrants and youth workers, developed the index in the form of a focus group or a survey, and supplemented this with desk research.