Multiplier events in Irland, Germany, Cyprus and Italy

The project partners organized a total of 5 MEs promoting the project results and making sure the project’s reached a wider audience not directly connected to the civic spaces of the organizations.


In order to promote the project website in an alternative and creative way, La Fenice organised a graffiti lab for young people. The goal was to create a murales for the project and promote the website project with a qr code.In order to promote the project website in an alternative and creative way, La Fenice organised a graffiti lab for young people. The goal was to create a murales for the project and promote the website project with a qr code.

The young people learnt graffiti techniques thanks to the help of an expert and, with the support of a youth worker, developed the concept idea. The group had to reflect on the meaning of inclusion and interculturality, then each of them represented through their own perspective their idea. The results were collected in puzzled of images united by a message brainstormed by the participants themselves: “Inclusivity: different lifestyles that live together”

This workshop was a great opportunity to discuss and reflect with the adolescents from the youth centre on the Intercultural Trialogues’ results and values, but also to make sure that the contents in the website and the material developed can reach a larger audience. 

In order to also reach a wider target audience of Tortona’s Youth centre and disseminate the project results and its objectives, La Fenice organised a game event in which besides playing a variety of board games also included some rounds of the game “Intercultural talks”. Intercultural talks is a card game developed by Shokkin Group to foster intercultural dialogue, and it was used as a way to start a conversation around the project’s purposes in an informal but still effective way. Young people could share their visions about the youth centre and civic participation, while also playing and having fun.

During the dissemination events the research results were shared and emails collected for the ones who wanted to read the finalised document and also check the other project output (website, publication, …). The events were also an opportunity for the young people to meet the local representatives of the Migration in Dialogue Network and share contacts for organising or getting involved in events relevant for the migrant local community (e.g. services, projects, parties, demonstrations, charity, volunteering, …).


CitizensACT held a Multiplier Event on the 16th of June, 2023, at Faneromeni Square in Nicosia during the Refugee Street Festival, where CitizensACT was actively involved. The event aimed to inform various stakeholders, including refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, NGOs, and organizations, about the project’s results and objectives. It also provided an opportunity for the visitors to express their understanding of inclusion and raise awareness about the importance of inclusivity and integration. 

The event served as a platform to present the Publication that has been developed during the lifespan of the project, showcasing various case studies that aim at the integration of young migrants into the youth centres. Project representatives shared information about the activities conducted, the challenges faced, and the positive impact on the lives of refugees and other marginalized communities.  The Multiplier Event saw active participation from various stakeholders, other NGOs, and organizations working in the field of migration and refugee support, such as CARITAS, UNHCR, the Cyprus Refugee Council, etc. Representatives from these groups had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas. An interactive activity was organized to encourage attendees to express their thoughts on inclusion. Visitors were invited to write their definition of inclusion on a card and hang it on the “Tree of Hope”. This activity aimed to create a visual representation of the collective understanding of inclusivity and promote awareness among a broader audience. The Tree of Hope became a symbol of unity and solidarity, showcasing the diverse perspectives on inclusion. Many individuals understand ‘inclusion’ as peace, the ability to access educational opportunities, actively participate, and have a voice in decision-making processes.


The ME organized by Eurobug consisted of a film screening of the short documentary AKWAABA, a short film produced by Bridges Not Walls in August 2023. This documentary is based on this year’s theme for BNW, Reducing Inequalities: Race and Origin. The documentary contains testimonies from each of the participants and their views on race, origin, migration, and solidarity.  Following the documentary, the floor was opened to a Q+A session. There was a lot of interest regarding how youth exchanges work; the impacts of these projects on the participants and host community; and the future of Europe in terms of the present rise of the far-right.  The dissemination finished with a networking session, where 14 participants enjoyed icebreaker games such as “Walkaround Speed Dating”. The event finished with a closing reflection.