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Bridging migrants, youth centres, and civic spaces

Cooperating transnationally brings more value than it would bring by operating confined to a local/national context. 

When barriers between migrants and civic opportunities within their local community are common, then we can act together transnationally to overcome the shared challenges.


The “Intercultural Trialogue” project aims to challenge the exclusion of young migrants, refugees and asylum seekers from youth centres and youth organisations through a youth ambassadors program, a manifesto for more inclusive youth centres, a research and a publication for youth centres to improve their accessibility to migrant communities – ultimately empowering migrant communities to engage within the social, political, cultural and educational opportunities provided by these spaces.

This project particularly targets engaging young migrants who are already engaged in youth organizations and community centres, as well as those who have limited ties to nonformal education or civil society outside their migrant community.

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Active citizens need communities that can support and collaborate with them. That is why we want to leverage existing structures to support and promote diversity and accessibility at every level.


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